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What if you could build an engaging community of paying clients, launch with confidence and make more money -- without the online hustle and BS?
Enroll in BLU today!
Stop hustling + grinding, let us help you build a profitable Coaching business.
Wheeew chile, I see you.

You’re a brilliant,  woman. A bold thinker and changemaker. The real deal.

You are more than ready to build a profitable coaching business that aligns with the dreams you have in life - you’re on your way but it’s not happening YET

Maybe you’ve been in business for a few years, and you’ve hit a wall. Maybe you’ve worked your ass off trying to build an audience and launch before, only to end up with a bunch of things that don’t connect.

Maybe you’ve worked your ass off trying to launch before, only to end up with missing the money mark in your process -- or you don't even have a process.

Meanwhile, your social media is inundated with people trying to convince you that if you just keep moving, keep pushing, keep hustling, you’ll wake up one day to the results you want.

Here’s the bad news: You’ll never build your business hustling like that. It's pretty much a bold faced lie (and you can tell them I said so.

Here’s the good news: There’s an easier—and better—way.
Build Your Own Tribe
Imagine building not just a list of followers, but an active and engaged community of clients—people who actually see value in what you have to say and offer.

Imagine doing it without sacrificing your authenticity.

Imagine launching your product right the first time aroundwithout throwing time and money away.

Imagine having the financial freedom to fuel not only your own dreams, but those of the people you love.

Imagine retiring your parent (I did), paying off your debts, or doing the things you have only watched others do.

These aren’t just fantasies. They’re realities. I know—because I am doing it.

And now it's your turn.

Launch Your Course, Program, or Service with Confidence
Here’s the truth: you can not create the life you want with inconsistent activities in your day to day.You need an engaged audience and the right steps and order to launch. Both of those goals are tangible, customizable, and completely within your reach.

And so what if you don’t know all the strategies around building your community or launching? If you don’t know the meaning of terms like CRM, ROAS and ROI? If you have or don’t have a college degree, or even a high school diploma? And if you’ve bought other trainings or courses that you never finished?

None of that shit matters. You can still do it!

All you need is the right the right strategy. That’s where BLU comes in.
Expect to Make More Money
We’ve taken clients from homeless to six figures in a year, and clients with no engaging audience to raving fans and all with previously failed launches, to launching with clarity.

I’ve taken my own business from “what’s a lead magnet” to seven figures—and we’ve streamlined and duplicated my formula for results. I created Build & Launch University to share help you my proven results, and wisdom with coaches and experts just like you: driven, powerful, bold women who have dreams that you want to live out - and you don't have to act like a man or hustle to do it.  

BLU is more than an online membership. Yes, you’ll learn the technical ins and outs of building an audience and running a launch, AND you'll be support every week—you’ll take action.

Through BLU, you’ll be able to put the strategies you learn into practice in real time. You’ll be able to walk through your own process and celebrate your successes, surrounded by a vibrant community of women like yourself.

You can exceed your goals. You can achieve financial freedom.

You'll make you proud of YOU. #thatpart
Enroll in BLU today!
What Is Included in BLU?
Pre-recorded content + weekly LIVE training and support
Build Path
Content Marketing
Create strategic content that resonates with your ideal audience - keeps them informed, educated and inspired to come back while you brand awareness, generate leads, and make more conversions.
Maximize Your Social Media Presence
Learn the strategies we use to use social, media to build engaging communities online to grow and scale your business.
Value & Connection
Understand the importance of cultivating valuable relationships to expand your audience and reach. 
Launch Path
The Process to Profits
First, we focus on what you need to lay the groundwork your next big launch. That starts with you and in the inner work. As you begin to shift from hustler to CEO, we’ll get into the mindset work and daily habits you need to elevate to this next level of business.

Finish That Funnel
We’ll cover all things sales funnels, cycles and campaigns. You will get hands-on with setting up the technical engine to run your business, building webinars and sequences and social media campaigns to engage the right audience and prime them for your offer.
Convert More Sales
We’ll teach you how to create an offer your audience wants and needs. You’ll learn what makes an offer sexy, who to sell to and how to pull them in with a compelling message and sales copy that converts. 
Collaborations & Cash: Positioning for Joint Venture Partnerships
Bring your expertise to new platforms and audiences through powerful partnerships. We teach you how to build and leverage profitable strategic relationships that help your business expand and increase your launch’s reach.
The Legal Side: How to Protect Your Brand
One of the biggest (and most costly) mistakes that entrepreneurs make is not legally protecting their businesses. Your intellectual property is the most valuable asset you have, so we’ll teach you what to do with it, and how to package and sell what you know to increase your income. We’ll guide you on the legal-ese, the best business structure for you, when to hire an attorney and the right questions to ask.
Life Management as a CEO
Now that you know how to run a successful company, you also need to know how to run a successful life. In this segment, we cover strategies and habits for staying physically, mentally and emotionally healthy as you reach new levels of success.
Your Investment
10 days for $10
*$298 monthly after trial period.
No contract. Cancel whenever you want, but you won't want to!
Sign up to pay annually and save big!
Invest in Yourself TODAY
You have the passion, power, and potential to launch your business. To not only achieve your goals, but to exceed them.

I have the lived experience and the proven strategy to get you there.

It’s never easy to make the choice to invest in yourself—it’s a major risk. But it’s an even bigger risk to wait even one more day before taking the plunge.

When you enroll in BLU, you invest in yourself and in your goals. I know those are extremely valuable—so I make sure to give you everything you need to align your vision and leverage your business.

Show up for yourself, embrace ease, and stop working so damn hard. You won’t regret it.
Is Build & Launch University
Right for You?
BLU is right for you if:

●    You want to dive into full-time entrepreneurship
●    You’ve never seen the success you want from a launch
●    You aren’t achieving the financial and professional results you know you’re capable of
●    You want to provide financial freedom and security for yourself as well as for those you
care about
●    You want to join a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurial women

If you’re looking for a side hustle, this isn’t the program for you. If you’re looking for a major life change, let’s talk.

Don't Take My Word For It
If there’s one thing I believe in, it’s taking action to achieve results. Here’s what some of my returning clients have to say about my programs.

New Members
"I had never launched before- never heard of launching. Launching and marketing were not my thing. Everything inside of LDM was totally new to me. Going live was fearful. You have to follow the process for it to work. It won’t working skipping steps. Follow the steps and do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Made $23K during launch – went on Vacation during launch and still made money."
Regina G.
“I was releasing and I was getting the results that go along with a release. A lot of coaches tell you the “who” and the “what” but not the how, that’s what you do. LDM helped me to understand the how – how do the systems work, how do you automate how do you connect everything, and why it’s important to not skip any steps. This isn't just for marketplace – this works in ministry as well. If you’re ready to take your business or ministry up, you're going to have to invest in you – make it happen. What you learn here you aren’t going to learn from every coach out there”
Michelle E.
"People laughed at me, but after this launch program, I’m like “how you like me now?" I spent a lot of money with coaches before and they all spent a lot of time trying to brand me and I was trying to come up with some new, catchy name. [In this program, I learned] you don’t have to start with something new. Sell what you know. I was trying to be something else, but I know law so instead of trying to be someone who everybody liked, this program taught me to be who I already am. Got 10 people into her first program and more people on a waiting list – price was 1999/1499 for first 10."
Toni Moore
Enroll in BLU today!
Meet Aprille Franks
Your Master Community Builder & Profit Strategist
Aprille Franks, CEO & President of Aprille & Co. is a master community builder and digital product launch strategist to WOMXN. Her super power is galvanizing online communities, social media content marketing and sales. Aprille’s mission is to close the gender pay gap by helping women make more money through entrepreneurship; which allows her clients to also create job opportunities that pay women fairly.

Her clients are coaches, subject matter experts and speakers looking to change their life, impact others and make a great living while doing it WITHOUT subscribing to hustle culture.
Frequently Asked Questions
When does BLU start?
Build & Launch University will officially opens on Tuesday, April 6, 2021—but registration is open NOW.

How long does BLU run? 
You’ll have access to the memberships and its materials as long as you're getting value as a paying member.

Will I launch a product, program, or event during the course?
That depends on YOU! Build & Launch University not only teaches you how to build your audience but also the principles behind launching your product, and walks you through each step.

Is my investment refundable? 
No. You may cancel anytime and you are not on a contract.

What if I have other questions?
Feel free to submit a support ticket here or email info@aprillefranks.com

Are you ready to build your own tribe, Launch with confidence, and make more money?
Get out of the hustle and invest in what you know you're capable of today!
Enroll in BLU today!
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